Deirdre Arnold receives her diploma from Fr. Rashford in 1993.

Educating the Arnolds

John and Jane Arnold have six Hawks in their nest. Although neither parent attended Saint Joseph’s, more than half of their 12 children received degrees from SJU. And, every year since the first Arnold became a Hawk, the family has given generously to the University.

Why would the Arnolds send so many children to Saint Joseph’s? Both parents believe strongly in the value of a Catholic education. According to Jane, “Our children all went to Catholic school and did very well. Then we encouraged them to do two things: get a Catholic education at the college level and to decide carefully what they would like to do in life.” That led over half of the Arnold children to SJU. Their father sums it up simply, “Jesuits do have a way with education that I don’t think the others have.”

Providing a college education for such a large family was a challenge. Son David led the way in 1984 with a B.A. in Political Science. Then came Elizabeth ’86, William ’90, Deirdre ’93, Michael ’98 and John ’11 (M.S.). James, the most current Hawk, graduated with a B.S. in Finance in 2000 and has returned to pursue his M.B.A. through evening classes.

To save on costs, each of the Arnold children lived at home while attending SJU. Each of them also earned scholarships from the University, including two Board of Trustees Scholarships and four Presidential Scholarships. When James completes his M.B.A., all will have earned advanced degrees and pursued successful careers.

Jane notes the many changes that she has witnessed at Saint Joseph’s during the 31 years that her children have been attending the University. “It gave us such pleasure to see the University grow in so many ways.” The Arnolds have been part of that growth and have been loyal leadership donors for the past 25 years.

“We appreciate the wonderful education our children received at Saint Joe’s. We always give as much as we can. It’s our way of paying back,” says Jane. “We were very pleased with the results,” adds John. No wonder. Their six SJU undergraduates went on to become a lawyer, financial analyst, chemist, orthopedic surgeon, business analyst and product manager. Their eldest son, John, earned an M.S. in Criminal Justice and works in the department of internal affairs at SEPTA.

As parents, the Arnolds take pride in their children’s achievements. As their University, Saint Joseph’s takes pride in telling their remarkable story.