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Students participate in cultural activities including this celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Community Engagement: Sharing and Celebrating Asian Studies

While majors and minors feel “at home” in classes and at events sponsored by the Asian Studies Program, participation by the broader Saint Joseph’s community is not only welcome but essential to the University’s vision for Asian Studies. The program director, faculty and students will continue to explore, propose and initiate ways to involve others in their programming, including international students on campus.

Since its founding, the program has hosted events each fall through its Asian Studies Lecture Series, drawing nationally and internationally known scholars in fields such as history, religious studies, file studies and more. In 2009, the Asian Studies Program sponsored “Asia and the Environment,” a two-day interdisciplinary conference that brought together experts in the environmental challenges facing Asia’s rising powers—India and China. A range of other academic events such as the China Town Halls hosted by Jay Carter have also elevated the University’s public profile as a destination for Asian Studies.

Around campus and in the community, the Asian Studies Program has sponsored a range of entertaining learning activities and cultural celebrations, such as:

  • Tiananmen at 25, a symposium considering the meaning and legacy of the Tiananmen Movement.
  • 2014 Greater Philadelphia Asian Studies Consortium Undergraduate Research Conference
  • SJU participation in the Philadelphia Dragon Boat Race
  • Hawks of India Diwali celebration
  • Asian Studies Lecture Series
  • “Teach-ins” on Burma, Pakistan and Tibet
  • Fall dinner for Asian Studies majors and minors
  • Chinese Language Club
  • Weekly Chinese Language Table
  • New Year’s Celebration attended by over 100 students and guests
  • Field trip to Chinatown on New Year’s Day
  • Chinese calligraphy workshop
  • “A Night of Chinese Folk Music” with a prominent Chinese soprano, He Yi
  • The Chinese Language Club meeting with the Asian Student Association
  • Celebration of the mid-autumn festival and the Chinese New Year